Testimonials – Amibroker Coding Service

Ron G. – United States
“Nick did an excellent job coding strategies for me. He was very responsive, thorough and accurate. I would highly recommend his services.”

Richie B. – Australia
“Once again Nick and “The Chartist” have exceeded my expectations. They delivered a trading idea that I’ve had into a full Turn Key code with Monte Carlo Simulations. The code was accurate and all finished in an amazingly quick time. Highly recommended! “

Jeremy S. – New Zealand
“I used Nick’s services to validate my own work and to perform back tests at a portfolio level. The service was prompt and professional and Nick’s comments were useful and insightful, resulting in some value-added changes to what I was doing. I would not hesitate to use Nicks services again and would absolutely recommend him to anyone requiring professional coding and back testing, or an independent review an appraisal of their own system. Going though this process has provided me with more confidence in my approach to trading.”

Greg J. – QLD, Australia
“After reading your excellent book “Unholy Grails” I wrote the Amibroker code for all of the systems described therein. I was so impressed with the potential of the 20% Flipper system that I modified one of my Amibroker trading systems to operate in a similar manner and have been achieving excellent results.”

Kavin K. – QLD, Australia
“I think you are the best in the business.”